Saturday, August 13, 2016

Scientific Method Process

Hello All of You Fabulous Teachers, I hope the new school year is going GREAT for you! For those that haven't started, I hope that you have a terrific start! My classes have started and so far, my students are AMAZING! I always forget how much I like teaching until I am standing in front of my students, and I see their eyes light up with interest. This will be my 4th year teaching. I can't believe how fast it has gone by! Okay, sorry I am getting off track with what I wanted to BLOG about today. 

Today I wanted to BLOG about the Scientific Method Process. My sister and I have been creating some great things and I am sure we will be creating more! So check back because this blog post will probably grow with new creations! This is my Scientific Method Foldable that takes you through the steps of this process.

Students have to identify key vocabulary terms (like independent, dependent, controlled variable, experimental & control group).

Then using a real-life example and the vocabulary terms, they have to come up with a hypothesis to test or answer the question.  The foldable allows students to see the definition of the terms and using those definitions, figure out what the terms would be in their experiment.

It's neat because it really sets up the experiment and the steps of the scientific method process for students.  This is a great resource to include inside an interactive notebook.

It also makes students write and what teacher doesn't love that!  Common core and NGSS working its way in there.

If you like this foldable, you can buy it from my tpt store with my sister.  Science by Stafford Sisters  - Here is the link "" for the BUNDLE that I will be blogging more about.

I have a few more activities on the scientific method!  So check back!  I will be writing more later!

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